About Us

Founded in 2011 BT48 have been specialising in providing bespoke designed digital experiences using open source platforms (especially Drupal) for over a decade.

We love using open source platforms as they give us the flexibility to build solutions that meet your needs without the overheads associated with a proprietary system. 

Open source allows us to move away from siloed solutions but also means you will have full access to your code - eliminating ‘vendor lock-in’ and giving you freedom and choice.

Working with us

Working with BT48 is a partnership. We love what we do and we’ll get invested in your project. We’ll ask lots of questions and challenge assumptions so that we can understand what you really need and so make a real difference to both you and your customers.

How we work

Working with BT48 means collaboration.

We’ll bring you on our design journey while we iterate towards our solution. We are comfortable working onsite, remotely, or a blend of the two.

We’re comfortable working within or alongside an Agile environment, however, our preference is for a lean, user-centred, data-informed approach.

What you’ll get

We don’t design, build, and just leave you to it. We fix problems and provide solutions with a view to the future.

While we have a long-term optimisation, support and maintenance package we’re not about getting the retainer to tie you into our services.

We’re about delivering a solution so that, over time, you don’t need us any more.


Meet the team

We are a small, agile agency dedicated to responding to your needs and delivering the best possible solutions


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