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  • 11 August, 2020

    The changes to accessibility requirements for public sector organisations has lead to a lot of interest in accessibility statements. We've gathered together our advice on this important issue.

  • 29 May, 2018

    When discussing apps, you commonly hear talk of mobile apps (or Native apps as they’re often referred to).

  • 23 May, 2018

    At BT48 our migrations have most recently involved transferring data from one Content Management System (CMS) to another — either an older version of Drupal to Drupal 8 or from another CMS like WordPress, Expression Engine, or Terminal4 to Drupal 8.

  • 6 February, 2018

    Monday 22nd January 2018 saw the much anticipated and highly successful launch of the Linen Hall Library’s new Divided Society website

  • 6 February, 2018

    ‘Should we build our own?’ is a common initial question for many organisations introducing a new CRM system. It’s also a question for those organisations who have already developed their own in-house application and are looking for the pros and cons of ‘build versus buy’.

  • 21 November, 2017

    Your new website is finally complete and you’re ready to sit back and reap the rewards!

    Unfortunately, this is not an option if you want to have a site that your customers find appealing, easy to navigate and that ultimately encourages them to utilise the service your company offers.