Organ Donation updates

BT48 took part in an open tender process and were awarded the contract to update the Organ Donation Drupal 7 site for the Public Health Agency to ensure the site was ready for the change in organ donation law in Northern Ireland.

Public Health Agency Northern Ireland
12 weeks development - Support since February 2022

The challenge

The brief was to update the site to:

  • modernise the site design
  • ensure users could find information easily
  • provide a repository for information about the legal changes
  • ensure users could opt-out as easily as they could opt-in
  • link closely with the NHSBT Organ Donor Register
  • make better use of multimedia
  • provide a space for the ODNI team to update on progress around the legislation and around physical events of interest

Our approach

We developed the site in Drupal 9 and focused on:

  • the different user groups who may need to access information on the site
  • ensuring that the registration process was as simple as possible
  • developing a clear hierarchy of information
  • creating bite-sized chunks of content for easy sharing on social media

The Results

The sites are fully responsive for mobile and tablet devices and offer the ODNI team full control over all content. The new site structure makes the management of resources, news and static information more manageable for the in-house team.


Working with the team at BT48 to deliver the Organ Donation NI website was a very seamless and supportive process. From the outset, there was a clear delivery plan and effective project management tools to identify priorities, backlogs, quality assurance, and other key elements.

The team brought a wealth of expertise to the table so ensuring we were guided easily through more challenging aspects of the project, including vital external integration requirements.

BT48 worked closely with our partners as part of our team and were very proactive when new solutions were required. Training was comprehensive and support offered was very responsive which was crucial in the period leading up to and after go-live.

ODNI Product Owner, Public Health Agency