Supporting and optimising Drupal on

Providing high quality Drupal hosting in partnership with and ensuring the site remains up to date and secure at all times.

May 2019 to present

The challenge

CCEA knew that they needed to move to Drupal 8 - but with the volume of data on their site they were reluctant to jump in to Drupal 8 without some support.

We worked with the in-house team to develop a content structure that is flexible and adaptable but also reflects how CCEA's users think about CCEA.

The site is hosted on and provides CCEA with access to a modern hosting environment that can easily scale when required - a necessity given the seasonal nature of CCEA's traffic.

Our approach

Working with the in-house development team at CCEA we offer guidance around optimising the site while also delivering our maintenance and support package to ensure the site is secure and up to date at all times.

The results

As well as providing support during the development phase we now partner with CCEA on ensuring the site evolves to continue to meet the needs of their users. Some key takeaways from the project have been:

  • increased confidence within the team around deploying security and feature updates via
  • integration with Amazon Web Services for file handling
  • site scaled easily to deal with results days in August 2020