Taking the Consumer Parliament online

A global pandemic wouldn’t stop the Consumer Council from letting Northern Irish consumers keep up to date and have their say on the big issues - COVID, EU Exit and discuss the future for consumers in Northern Ireland. In a post-COVID world a virtual event with an extensive video library allowed the parliament to continue.

Consumer Council for Northern Ireland
3 weeks

The challenge

The Consumer Council needed a way to allow consumers and organisations to interact with them around the key issues. The communications team already had a brand and concept for the site but they needed a way to easily add and update content while making both new videos and existing content easy to find.

What we did

Building from the existing brand we developed an engaging design that reinforced the key messages of the project. Working with the communications team we established a core taxonomy to allow easy categorisation of content to inform the video library search.

We leveraged the power of Drupal’s media module to easily integrate content from YouTube while also allowing Consumer Council staff to add commentary as required to the videos.

We also developed a holding landing page to capture user details and keep them informed of the upcoming launch of the full-featured site.

The results

Visit the final site - https://www.niconsumerweek.com