We create engaging bespoke online experiences that push the boundaries of development and design. By harnessing the power of open source frameworks such as Drupal we engage your audience and grow your business.



When we talk about graphic design, we are talking about what we make and how it is made. Graphic design uses all kinds of visual tools to build a picture of your organisation, and to bring the customer closer to your purpose.

Our graphic design is created using the latest techniques, and the oldest. Our artwork might be created on a computer, or it might be hand sketched or drawn, but usually is a combination of both.

Open Source Development

Open Source Development

BT48 specialises in providing bespoke designed websites and mobile applications built on Open Source platforms. Your budget should be spent on what will make your project truly matter to your users - not licensing fees.

While we can deliver on many platforms - Wordpress, Ionic, Angular, Node and Cake - we use Drupal Content Management System on the majority of our projects. Drupal has extensive core functionality which is enhanced by hundreds of mature, contributed modules. Drupal capabilities allow for huge flexibility and customisation.


Strategy and UX

We try to make websites and apps that your users will love. By thinking like your users we can help meet what they need. We put your user at the heart of your organisation. We can offer help with:

  • Information architecture
  • User and persona analysis
  • Task analysis
  • Customer journey planning
  • Accessibility reviews


We have a passion for hybrid and native development for iOS & Android, whether it is consumer facing or an enterprise requirement. Our service doesn't stop at the mobile application - we also provide back-end management systems, database creation and web or desktop applications.

Our mobile development process discovers, evaluates and refines your exact requirements before we even discuss the technological side. Our guidance on suitable technology and implementation options will ensure that your mobile application is based on firm foundations from the outset, or that you decide that a mobile application is not the correct path for you.